The Best Cell Quotes From DBZ

"At last. All that I have ever imagined is now mine. I have become what no other could ever achieve. I am perfect." This is arguably the best Cell quote from DBZ, but there are so many other great ones that deserve some attention. For this list we're ranking the greatest Cell and Perfect Cell quotes, with the help of your votes.

Although Cell could have easily been defeated, the arrogance of Vegeta allowed him to survive. This scathing Cell quote about the cocky saiyan says it all: "Yes, he is a brave one. Incredibly stupid, but brave nonetheless."  Another great Cell quote is this gem, that Cell actually said to himself: "Trunks is here. Stupid boy. As if being killed by me in his own time wasn't enough. I don't understand why creatures so defective are ever allowed to live. Oh well. It will soon be corrected." What makes him such a horrifying character is how little regard he has for human life.

What is your favorite Cell quote from DBZ? He may be a villain, but Cell has some amazing speeches and lines that deserve to be recognized. Vote up your favorite below, and watch as the quotes you choose quickly climb up the list!