The Best Central American Countries to Visit

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List of all countries in Central America safe for travel

List of the best Central American countries to visit, as ranked by travelers from all over the world. Central America is one of those rare locations where every type of wonder nature offers is available for tourist consumption. For any traveler who enjoys the thought of climbing a live volcano, hiking through a tropical jungle, observing Mayan pyramids, or diving in the clear blue waters towards coral reefs and awe-inspiring sea life,Central America is the perfect vacation spot. Whether you want to climb the steps of Mayan temples in Guatemala or visit a few of the dozens of world-famous art galleries in El Salvador, there’s something for every type of traveler in Central America.

This list seeks to answer the question, “What Central American countries have the perfect vacation spots?” Central America’s capital,Panama City has a thriving nightlife, the best restaurants, and museums. Costa Rica has zip lining for the adventurous types and gorgeous beaches for those who enjoy relaxing vacations. Guatemala not only has the Lago de Atitlan, one of the deepest and beautiful lakes in the world, it also has colonial style living.

The countries on this list are the best spots for anybody itching for a Central American vacation. There is plenty to do for the adventurous, nature loving tourist..

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