Expand Your Mind With These Cerebral Dramas

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Doppelgangers, alternate realities, and murder mysteries that twist and turn give viewers a lot to think about when watching the best cerebral drama shows. Whether you like detectives with a dark side or robots struggling with sentience, this list of cerebral TV shows will exercise your mind. A few of the best cerebral TV series have even compelled fans to debate the meaning of every secret that is revealed.

Twin Peaks is a mystery that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Blogs, YouTube channels, and books have been dedicated to the intellectual ins-and-outs of the plot. Giri/Haji – translated Duty/Shame – is a British series that finds a Japanese detective with the tough decision to choose between helping his family and honoring his profession.

When it comes to good cerebral shows, it doesn't get much better than the German series Dark. A child's disappearance provokes a mystery that spans several generations and parallel worlds in this Netflix original.

Stop racking your brain when trying to decide which cerebral series to watch next and instead check out this list to see what fellow fans recommend. Vote your favorites to the top and please add any other good shows that challenge viewers to think outside of the box.

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