The Best CGI Horror Movies

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Vote up your favorite movies that were made all the more terrifying because of CGI.

Most horror film enthusiasts are not big fans of CGI invading their genre; they would rather see filmmakers use good old fashioned practical effects instead. However, some of the best CGI effects in horror films are successful because they are able to blend computer-generated imagery with practical effects. 

Fake blood, animatronics, and prosthetics are just a few of the old fashioned tried and true practical effects used to scare horror audiences. CGI monsters can often look comical instead of scary, and fake instead of real. Yet, there are excellent recent films like Get Out and It that were able to achieve some of the best CGI moments in horror movies because of their light-handed approach to using computer graphics.

The best CGI scenes in horror movies only work if an audience is terrified of the boogeyman. Which of these scary movies do you think used CGI the best? Vote up your favorites.