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Science Fiction Movies With The Best CGI Effects

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In order to make a modern-day science fiction movie, the use of CGI is almost mandatory. However, the best CGI effects in sci-fi films need to find a perfect balance. Sometimes, filmmakers rely too much on computer-generated imagery, and sometimes their animated creations wind up looking like cheap cartoon characters. There are a lot of movies that do get the balance right, but which are the best CGI moments in sci-fi movies?

Christopher Nolan was able to create a three-dimensional dreamworld in Inception. Ridley Scott took us to Mars in The Martian. James Cameron created the colorful world of Pandora in Avatar. All of those films were able to use CGI to perfection. Alita: Battle Angel is a recent CGI science fiction movie that has a very dedicated fan base. District 9 was a CGI movie that took most audiences by surprise with the quality of its special effects. Almost any science fiction movie that comes out now will has some computer generated images but which one is the greatest of all time?

Dinosaurs, Transformers, and colonized apes all came to life to form the best CGI scenes in sci-fi movies. Which filmmakers did it the best? It’s your job to decide. Vote up your favorite use of computer-generated imagery in science fiction films.

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