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The best cha cha cha songs capture the spirit and rhythm of the “cha cha” – a playful, powerful dance with plenty of drama in it. Cha cha cha music has its origins in Cuba, and beginning in the 1950s the music spread quickly all over the world. The dance is considered a classic, and this keeps cha cha cha songs front and center in many clubs and dance competitions worldwide. Top cha cha cha songs allow dancers to keep in perfect rhythm as they take their small steps and make their hip motions (and there is a lot of hip motion in cha cha dancing).

Some of the most famous cha cha cha songs include “Oye Como Va,” which has been performed by many Latin artists over the years. “El Bodeguero” is another popular choice. You’ll note that several more mainstream tunes are also included on this list of cha cha songs, and with good reason. If they fit the tempo, they’re perfect for dancing. These include “Whatever Lola Wants” by Della Reese, “Carino” by Jennifer Lopez, and “I Need to Know” by Marc Anthony.

What is your favorite on this cha cha cha songs list? Watch the videos, enjoy the unique rhythms, and then vote for your favorites.

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Oye Como Va Tito Puente

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I Need to Know Marc Anthony

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El Bodeguero Johnny Pacheco

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The Magnificent Seven Tito Rodriguez

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Bésame Mama Poncho Sanchez

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Carino Jennifer Lopez

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Donde Yo Estare Sindicato Argentino

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El Cayuco Tito Puente

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Bandida Andres Cepeda

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Guantanamera Willy Chirino and Arturo Sandoval

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Malanina Havana Mambo

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Ay Mi Cuba Celia Cruz Tito Puente

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Whatever Lola Wants Della Reese

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La Escandalosa (Cha Cha Cha) Cuban Mambo Boys

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Obsesion Benny More

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Sweet and Gentle Georgia Gibbs

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Guayaba Tito Puente

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It Must Be True The John Buzon Trio

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Got Cha Ursula 1000