The Best 'Chainsaw Man' Characters, Ranked

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Vote up your favorite characters from Chainsaw Man.

It's one of the most anticipated anime series of 2022, so let's rank all the major Chainsaw Man characters from best to worst. The show has a lot to live up to given the popularity of the manga, but with it being produced by MAPPA studio, there's no doubt that fans will receive an amazing anime adaptation.

If you don't already know, CSM has somewhat of a unique premise. After Denji's body fuses with the Chainsaw Devil, he is able to transform parts of his body into, well, chainsaws. He is able to easily defeat devils after gaining this ability and is offered to work as a Devil Hunter at the Public Safety Bureau, where some of the best Chainsaw Man characters are introduced.

Is your favorite character Power, the chaotic Blood Fiend? Or maybe it's the dark and stoic Aki Hayakawa? Maybe you like how manipulative and mysterious Makima is? Treat this like a Chainsaw Man tier list and vote up anyone you think deserves to be considered a top character.

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  • Denji
    187 votes

    The main protagonist of Chainsaw Man. In order to pay off the debt he's inherited from his father, he becomes a Devil Hunter after meeting the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita.

  • Power
    172 votes

    A childish and self-motivated Blood Fiend. She's a part of Makima's Special Division of Public Safety Devil Hunters.

  • Aki Hayakawa
    162 votes

    A stoic young man who works under Makima's Special Division of Public Safety Devil Hunters. He has a contract with the Fox and Curse Devils, allowing him to use their power in exchange for part of his lifespan.

  • Pochita


    150 votes
  • Makima
    160 votes

    A mysterious woman who heads the Public Safety Division 4. She is cunning, intelligent, and manipulative and uses that to her advantage to control Denji.

  • Kishibe
    110 votes

    One of the strongest Devil Hunters in the organization. He trains both Power and Denji.