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The 20 Best 'Chaotic Neutral' Anime Characters of All Time

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One method of categorizing fictional characters is through the character alignment system, which is derived in the fantasy tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons. Through this system, nine different alignments consisting of combinations of good, neutral, evil, lawful, and chaotic are created to help classify and describe a variety of personality types. Most anime characters can also be sorted into this system. 

Let's take a look at one of these alignments: chaotic neutral. Chaotic neutral anime characters don't care about law and order - they'll either make their own rules and happily break them as necessary, or live without any kind of orderly system. Unlike chaotic good characters, who care about bettering society and helping others, and chaotic evil characters who are all about causing misery, chaotic neutral characters don't really care if their actions help or hurt others. They might help or hurt other people incidentally, but that's never the primary goal. Rather, they have their sights set on something that has nothing to do with morality, and they'll flip between good and bad to suit their own needs.

These characters can be some of the most puzzling, but also the most complex. Which is the best? You decide.

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    Though he starts the series being straight up evil, Hiei eventually becomes willing to help out the protagonists protect people... if he feels like it. He also won't always kill villains even when doing so would be beneficial, because he doesn't want to bother. 

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  • Seto Kaiba cares about two things: defeating his rival Yugi, and protecting his little brother Mokuba. As for everything else, whatever - it's all about his ego, which is why you'll see him flying around in a dragon-shaped jet plane and challenging people on both sides of a moral battle.

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  • Mei Hatsume is training to support superheroes, but her main goal is making increasingly awesome (and dangerous) inventions. If they help people, awesome - if they explode, time to try again!

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    You can't exactly call someone who robs banks for a living good, but you can't call someone who will fight to the death to defend their loved ones bad. Ryoko's relationship with morality is tangential at best, but between drinking, fighting Ayeka, and loving on Tenchi, she knows how to have a good time.

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