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The Best Playable Characters In 'Evil Dead: The Game'

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In 1982, Sam Rami's The Evil Dead shocked, stunned, and terrified audiences around the globe. Now, 40 years later, Evil Dead: The Game is looking to repeat that nightmare, so we are ranking who is best to take on the fight against the Deadites! Every character in Evil Dead: The Game is as iconic as the last, from fan favorites like Pablo Simon Bolivar, Henrietta, and Henry the Red to every iteration of Ash Williams an Evil Dead fan could dream of, Evil Dead: The Game's character list is brimming with the best characters from the Evil Dead Franchise.

Every character in Evil Dead: The Game brings their own unique skills, abilities, and iconic weapons to make this survival horror hunt all the more exciting, making it one of the best horror games of 2022 and arguably one of the best Evil Dead games of all time. Hunters and Warriors are offensive juggernauts who spawn in with stronger weapons and have enhanced speed and attack damage. Support characters help re-gain the team's health with headshots to boost shields from amulets they conjure. Leaders are the best of both worlds, both boosting teammates' stats and coming ready to bring the pain with iconic weapons from the franchise. 

Of course, for those who love to play the villain, Deadites are here to have some fun too! Necromancers take shape in the iconic villains from Army of Darkness, Puppeteers are the alien-like monstrosities from Ashe vs. Evil Dead, and Warlords are the iconic Deadits from the Evil Dead franchise. Each and every villain class is here, powerful, and ready to swallow the souls of survivors. Evil Dead: The Game has all its bases covered to offer the grooviest experience for every player.

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