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Comic Characters From 'The Boys' We Want To See In Season Three Of The TV Show

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We know Soldier Boy is on the way in Season 3 of The Boys - but what about other characters from the comic series that haven't made the leap yet? What about Jack from Jupiter, the original Seven member who was replaced with Translucent for the television show? What about Tek Knight, the Batman-Iron Man hybrid with a fist-sized tumor in his brain?

There's a large cast of characters in The Boys' comic universe, and while there's no guarantee that they'll all make the jump from page to screen, there are some that fans are just sick of waiting for. Seriously, where is the Legend at? And could we get the real Love Sausage onto the show, please? We know adaptations are never one-to-one retellings of the source material, but there are just some things the heart wants. So, here are the comic characters from The Boys we want to see when Season 3 rolls around.

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    Oh Father

    The television series already took on religion in the first season with the shady antics of Ezekiel, who was created solely for the show, but Oh Father could also be brought into the show in a less sinister form than that of the comics character. Oh Father is a religious-based hero who has a group of child sidekicks known as the "Sidekick Twelve" or the "Twelve Apostles," and it is highly suggested that his relationship with those sidekicks is inappropriate.

    The character could be tweaked for the show to comment on the predatory dealings of certain people in Hollywood over the years, with Lou Pearlman and his massive scandals involving *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys coming to mind. That would certainly fit the show's penchant for knocking Hollywood down a peg, and Oh Father would be a solid addition to the roster of evil supes.

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    Jack from Jupiter

    Jack from Jupiter was the one member of the Seven in the comics who was replaced when the series was brought from page to screen. Just because he was replaced by an easier-to-depict superhero like Translucent doesn't mean the character can't make his debut a little later. It could be that the production team felt introducing a supposed extraterrestrial to viewers unfamiliar with the source material from the jump could've been a bridge too far, but fans of the show know what they're in for after two seasons.

    Bringing an alien character into the fold would seriously open up the possibilities for the show going forward, much like the reveal of Nick Fury traveling in space at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home did for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It seems like a different direction compared to the show's real-world parallels, but you never know!

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    Team Titanic

    Take a look at the initials of Team Titanic: TT. Remind you of another well-known group of superpowered characters? Yes, Team Titanic is a riff on the popular Teen Titans group at DC Comics, though The Boys' take on a group of former sidekicks looks at what happens when a group ages into an older demographic.

    Featuring characters like "Dry-Hump" and "Snaffletwat," this group would probably need some tweaking to jump into the more realistic world of the television show, but the Amazon series has only scratched the surface of what happens to heroes once they fade out of the limelight. There's plenty more story to tell about the people who flamed out instead of working their way up to the Seven's level more quickly than your Homelanders and your Black Noirs.

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    Dakota Bob

    Though The Boys certainly isn't afraid to dip its toes into political commentary - and if that twist at the end of Season 2 is any indication, political commentary is going to continue to be a focus down the line - we have yet to see the show's version of the president of the United States. 

    Character actor Jim Beaver appears to be playing a version of this character, but he's only the secretary of defense. Unless the character ends up getting a promotion, a more faithful version of Dakota Bob and his hatred of Vought could be an interesting wrinkle for the series to add into the fray.

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