Comic Characters From 'The Boys' We Want To See In Season Three Of The TV Show

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We know Soldier Boy is on the way in Season 3 of The Boys - but what about other characters from the comic series that haven't made the leap yet? What about Jack from Jupiter, the original Seven member who was replaced with Translucent for the television show? What about Tek Knight, the Batman-Iron Man hybrid with a fist-sized tumor in his brain?

There's a large cast of characters in The Boys' comic universe, and while there's no guarantee that they'll all make the jump from page to screen, there are some that fans are just sick of waiting for. Seriously, where is the Legend at? And could we get the real Love Sausage onto the show, please? We know adaptations are never one-to-one retellings of the source material, but there are just some things the heart wants. So, here are the comic characters from The Boys we want to see when Season 3 rolls around.