The Best Characters In Slasher Movies

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All of the best slasher movies understand one simple rule: it's the characters that make a film great. No matter how many chases through a cornfield with a chainsaw, skinny dipping sessions with attractive lovers, or scenes where people decide to inexplicably "split up," a slasher movie rarely hits its mark if the characters don't resonate with the audience.

Slasher movies have been around in their current form since the '80s, and they really haven't changed much since. But as their legacies have come and gone, what's remained is the iconic characters that they've left behind - whether they're the ones doing the slashing or the ones getting slashed.

These slasher characters are more than the screaming blonde teenagers or the mindless knife-wielding maniacs that the worst slasher movies have in spades. It's the great characters that are equal parts stupid, funny, fearless, maniacal, and cowardly. Whether you're a Voorhees or a Myers fan, there's no denying that it's the characters in slasher movies that keep us all coming back for more.

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