Every Character In 'The Quarry', Ranked From Best To Worst

We are ranking every character in The Quarry! Featuring every single character in the game, the interactive survival horror game showcases a large ensemble cast from David Arquette, Brenda Song, Ariel Winter, to even Ted Raimi. Supermassive Games are becoming well-known developer for casting high profile actors and actresses in their latest horror games. While fans of the developer's horror games may remember Until Dawn which featured Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere, or the Dark Pictures Anthology series that has seen the likes of Will Poulter, Ashley Tisdale, Shawn Ashmore, and many more who lended their likeness to the series. 

Of course, this also means every character in The Quarry is likely to meet an unfortunate end depending on the player's choices and it is up to them to see who makes to the very end of the game. Will every character from The Quarry survive to the end or will none of The Quarry's star studded cast will make it to the games credits? Which character from The Quarry do you think will make it to the end? 

Vote up your favorite character from The Quarry and be sure to check out the scariest horror games developed by Supermassive Games!

  • Dylan
    Photo: The Quarry / 2K Games


    Bio: Campers and counselors alike love Dylan's oddball humor and deep musical knowledge, broadcast daily over the camp's PA system, but beneath the affable, edgy persona of his radio voice, a much different person lies in wait, terrified of rejection.

    Played by: Miles Robbins

  • Kaitlyn
    Photo: The Quarry / 2K Games


    Bio: Embracing the idea of living out loud; always going toward the fun and never afraid to stir the pot a little. Her amiable nature and ingenuity mean she can adapt to any social environment, often allowing her to slip into the de facto role of 'leader,' though she sometimes struggles to express her own needs in stressful situations.

    Played by: Brenda Song

  • Laura
    Photo: The Quarry / 2K Games


    Bio: Excited to spend a quiet summer in the woods as a camp counselor alongside her boyfriend Max. It's the perfect way to apply her resourceful, curious nature before she returns to her veterinarian studies in the fall. For Laura, everything's falling into place.

    Played by: Siobhan Williams

  • Travis
    Photo: The Quarry / 2K Games


    Bio: Sheriff of the small town of North Kill, Upstate New York, Travis swore an oath to protect and serve and that's exactly what he does.

    Played by: Ted Raimi