The Best 'Charlotte' Anime Quotes

What's your favorite quote from the anime Charlotte? New fans of the series may be surprised to learn that Charlotte isn't a character, but rather a comet that passes earth every 75 years that inadvertently gives children superpowers. It's a fantastic anime, so let's rank the best Charlotte quotes that deserve to be remembered!

Protagonist Yuu Otosaka has some great quotes in Charlotte, even if they can be slightly depressing: "Trying to forget someone you love is like trying remember someone you never met." Another great Charlotte quote shares wisdom about people who cover up their pain with a smile: "The people who laugh too hard are the people who experienced too much pain." You can't forget about Nao Tomori either, who also has some of the best lines in the Charlotte anime: "I'm not jealous, I'm just territorial. Because when you're jealous, you want something that's not yours."

If you haven't seen Charlotte yet, you should know that it's only 13 episodes long, so don't feel it's going to be a big event to finish it! Either way, vote up your favorite Charlotte anime quotes on the list below, and watch them climb higher on the list.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY)

  • Too Ironic
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    298 VOTES

    Too Ironic

    "Life is too ironic it takes sadness to know what happiness is."

    -Yuu Otosaka

    298 votes
  • Trying to Forget Someone You Like
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    Trying to Forget Someone You Like

    "Trying to forget someone you love is like trying remember someone you never met."

    -Yuu Otosaka

    265 votes
  • It Won't Heal Everything
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    It Won't Heal Everything

    "Time can heal many wounds though it won't heal everything"

    -Yuu Otosaka

    93 votes
  • The Scars
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    The Scars

    "The scars that you can't see are the hardest to heal."

    -Nao Tomori

    147 votes
  • I'm Always Alone
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    133 VOTES

    I'm Always Alone

    "Why am I always alone? Because no one's ever shown interest in being by my side?"

    -Nao Tomori

    133 votes
  • There Are Things We Can't Forget 
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    142 VOTES

    There Are Things We Can't Forget 

    "In life we forget the things we should remember and remember the things we should forget."

    -Yuu Otosaka

    142 votes