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The Best Cheap Camping Tents That Don't Feel Cheap

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Whether you’re heading out for a camping weekend with the fam or are roughing it in the wild with a few close friends, you’re going to want a solid tent. Tents can be pricey, but there's no reason you have to go all-out on a deluxe, multi-room family tent for $500 or more. If you're looking to spend no more than $100, there are plenty of good (and cheap) camping tents you online.

This list highlights some of the best budget tents you can purchase that won't break the bank. With options for every season, as well tents large enough to house four people at once, these are some of the best brands you can buy for $100 or less. So take a look at the tents below and see if one works best for you.

Remember, when considering a tent, you want to look for the cost, the maximum capacity, and it doesn't hurt to check the reviews as well.

  • Details: Golden Shark three-person popup tent is ultralight and is a smart choice for all four seasons. Because it folds up nicely into the included sack, it's easy to carry and take with you without too much hassle. These tents are affordable, and a great option for a small family or group of friends who want to have some fun on the trail without having to return home each evening.

    Maximum Capacity: 3 Adults

    Dimensions: 6.89' x 7.55' x 4.6'

    Cost: $74.98

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  • V VONTOX Camping Lightweight Backpacking Tent
    Photo: V VONTOX

    Details: V VONTOX's ultralight three-person tent is good for any season, and its lightweight design makes it extra easy to carry. The setup will take just a few minutes, and when you're done, you can quickly and easily tear it down, and shove it into the included sack alongside all of its poles, ropes, and stakes. 

    Maximum Capacity: 3 Adults

    Dimensions: 86.6" x  48.4" x 43.5"

    Cost: $74.77

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  • QOMOTOP Cabin Tent
    Photo: OT QOMOTOP

    Details: OT QOMOTOP's easy setup instant cabin tent can sleep up to four adults, though there is a six- and ten-person model, which costs a bit more. These tents set up in under a minute, which makes it a perfect tent for the less-than-savvy camper or hiker who is new to the sport.

    Maximum Capacity: 4 Adults

    Dimensions: 8' x 8' x 4' 11"

    Cost: $89.97

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  • Details: Fetherstone's ultralight three-season two-person tent comes in either green or orange (pictured), and can sleep uo to two adults comfortably. It also features two doors and a mosquito-proof mesh, which will let the light in but keep the mosquitos out while you're trying to catch some sleep before another big day of hiking.

    Maximum Capacity: 2 Adults

    Dimensions: 84" x 51" x 43"​​​​​​

    Cost: $99.99

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