The Best Cheap Clothing Brands

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Looking like a million bucks doesn't require spending that sum. Nowhere near it, in fact. Many clothing companies specialize in making quality, inexpensive garments with an eye towards the latest trends. The best cheap clothing brands come in many forms. Some affordable apparel is designed for young children while other good cheap clothing is best suited for teens. Many of the best cheap clothing brands make items for shoppers of all ages.

What companies will you find on this list of the best cheap clothing brands? From moms to dads, sons to daughters, Old Navy has stylish, yet affordable clothing for the entire family. Old Navy also sells seasonal items like swim suits and winter jackets. Simply Vera by Vera Wang is another good company that makes cheap clothing. The hottest styles can be found for the cheapest prices at H&M stores across the country. Other good companies featured on this top cheap clothing brands list include White Stage, Hot Topic, and Riders by Lee.

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Most divisive: Nike, Inc.
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