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The Best Cheap and Inexpensive Coffee Table Books

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Looking for a cheap coffee table book? Good news! There are plenty of cool coffee table books under $15 out there, just waiting to liven up your living room. Here, you'll find a collection of some of the best cheap coffee table books on the market to chose from. Whether you're into animals, nature, or home design, there's something on the list for everyone. 

All of these coffee table books are the perfect combination of inexpensive and intriguing. Whether on sale or simply low-priced to begin with, bargain coffee table books are a great way to add a little entertainment to your own living room. They also make the perfect cheap gift that still looks classy and thoughtful. So, browse what's on the market and be sure to vote for your favorites!

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    Price: $14.95

    Devoted is a collection of photos from National Geographic featuring a gorgeous collection of dog photos, along with heartwarming and inspiring canine tales. 

    • Author: Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
    • First Published: October 1, 2013
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    Price: $14.79

    Dogs Underwaters features an adorable underwater view of dogs as they fetch balls from the depths. 

    • Author: Seth Casteel
    • First Published: October 23, 2012
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    Price: $19.95

    Discover the beauty of California through the stunning landscape photography you'll find in California the Beautiful. 

    • Author: Galen Rowell (Author),‎ Peter Beren (Author)
    • First Published: April 1, 2002
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    Price: $13.62

    Shop Cats of New York gives you the chance to meet and learn the stories of some of New York's most beloved shop kitties, even if you don't happen to live there.

    • Author: Tamar Arslanian (Author),‎ Andrew Marttila (Photographer)
    • First Published: November 1, 2016
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