The Most Affordable Electronic Cigarette Brands

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They smell way better, you can smoke them inside, and they don't leave the unappealing taste of cigarettes in your mouth. Have you made the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes? If so, which e-cig manufacturer do you think makes the best Electronic Cigarette? If you're preparing to make the switch, check out this list of the best cheap e-cig brands, ranked from best to worst by your votes.

E-cigs were first introduced to the market in 2004, and following an onslaught of smoking bans, they have increased in popularity. There are several great cheap e-cig brands available in smoke shops, gas stations, and convenience stores across the country. One of the best known e-cig brands is Blu, thanks in part to the company's advertising campaign featuring actor, Stephen Dorff. This engaging campaign encouraged smokers to “take back your freedom.” Other examples of top inexpensive e-cig companies include V2, Apollo, and 777 E-Cigs.Green Smoke is another popular cheap e cig brand, as is Prado.

After you buy the e-g, you'll need to stock up on e-cig "juice." Some of these brands make their own juices, too. Halo Cigs makes its smoke juice in America, assuring its customers a certain level of quality control. Social-Lites brand also appears on this best cheap e-cig brands list, but since everyone has their own opinion about specific products and manufacturers, we're asking you to vote and inform the masses about the leading, high-end e-cig makers on the market. 

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