The Best Cheeses for Macaroni

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Who doesn't love macaroni and cheese? The classic pasta, often eaten as a comfort food, can be made with a wide variety of cheeses. What kind of cheese goes best in a mac and cheese recipe? The best cheese flavors come in many forms. Some good macaroni cheeses are ideal because of their creaminess while other top macaroni and cheese ingredients are chosen for their flavors. Some of the best cheeses for macaroni are melty, delicious, and affordable.

What varieties will you find on this best types of cheese for macaroni list? Cheddar is a classic cheese often used as the base for a homemade macaroni and cheese casserole. Sharp cheddar is best for macaroni with a bite while a mild cheddar is great when paired with a more flavorful cheese like Provolone. Pepper jack cheese is the perfect ingredients for a spicy mac and cheese recipe. Cream cheese is a great base for macaroni and cheese because it is creamy and inexpensive. Other tasty cheeses that are perfect for macaroni include Havarti, Swiss, and goat cheese.

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