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The Best Chewing Gum

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List of best chewing gum brands, including all natural chewing gum, xylitol chewing gum and chewing gum without aspartame. Whether you pop in a stick of mint gum to freshen up your breath, rely on it to help you quit smoking, or use fruity chewing gum to lose weight, odds are you probably have your go-to brands of chewing gum. 

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So what's the best gum? Spearmint, Cinnamon, Peppermint and Sweet Mint flavors all have a place on the top of this list. Many people just grab whatever type of gum they are used to chewing. Others are highly influenced by the packaging and marketing of top gum brands. If you've seen the 5 (gum) boxes, you've probably had to read the fine print to even realize what product they are selling in that sexy, spiffy-looking container. Others are all about the ingredients--if you can overlook the packaging on Lotte Xylitol Gum, you will find a quality product that has a cult following. Still others are drawn to organic chewing gum or gum without artificial flavoring.

Depending on what you use gum for, the perfect type of gum for you will vary. Use this quality, voteable list to discover new gum brands and vote on old favorites. 

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