The Best Chicago Bears Coaches of All Time

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Throughout their time as a football franchise, the Chicago Bears have had a variety of coaches, but who is the best Chicago Bears head coach of all time? We want you to help us answer that question by voting for your favorite Chicago Bears coaches, keeping stats like Super Bowl wins and playoff runs in mind. These are some of the greatest NFL coaches of all time.

It's hard to argue against George Halas being the greatest Bears head coach in the history of the team, seeing that he coached the team to 6 NFL Championships as a coach, and saw two more as the team's owner. He was an innovator and left a lasting impact on not just the Bears organization, but the entire NFL in general.

Mike Ditka is another legendary Chicago Bears head coach, winning Superbowls with the team as both a coach and player. In fact it was George Halas who offered Ditka the head coach position in 1982, where Ditka quickly turned the team into a major threat.

If the Chicago Bears had a best of all time team, who would coach it? Vote for your favorites below, even if the coach never won a championship with the Chicago Bears.

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