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The Best Chicago Blackhawks Coaches of All Time

Updated 7 Nov 2018 491 votes 155 voters 1.8k views

In all the years they've been competing in the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks have certainly gone through some great (and not so great) coaches. That being said, who is the best Chicago Blackhawks head coach of all time? This list ranks every Chicago Blackhawks coach from best to worst with the help of our users. Hockey fans like you have already voted on this list, but we want you to contribute as well. Upvote your top Chicago Blackhawks coaches, keeping stats like regular season record and playoff appearances in mind.

It's hard not to argue that current Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville is the best in team history. Quenneville has won three Stanley Cup championships in six seasons. Tommy Gorman also holds a special place in Blackhawks history. Gorman not only was a founder of the NHL, he also coached the Blackhawks to their first ever Stanley Cup championship in 1934.

If the Chicago Blackhawks assembled a team with players from every decade, who would coach it? Vote for the most winningest Chicago Blackhawks coach, or simply just the coach that you personally liked the most.
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