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The Best Chicago White Sox Managers of All Time

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A gaggle of Chicago White Sox managers have led the team since 1901, so this is a big question: who is the best Chicago White Sox manager of all time? This list answers that question by ranking every Chicago White Sox manager in the team's history from best to worst according to your votes. Keep statistics like World Series wins - as well as regular season and postseason records - in mind while voting up your top Chicago White Sox managers.

Fielder Jones managed the White Sox from 1904 to 1908. In 1906 Jones took the team to its first World Series championship. Almost a century later, Ozzie Guillén managed the White Sox to their most recent World Series. Guillén's Sox won it all in 2005.

But that doesn't answer the question. It's up to you nad baseball fans like you to determine the greatest Chicago White Sox skipper of all time. Vote up the White Sox managers with the best records and the most glorious moments. Or just vote up the coaches you like most, regardless of their position on the best baseball managers list.