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Every Part Of The Chicken, Ranked By Deliciousness

5 Mar 2020 229 votes 27 voters17 items

You’re probably familiar with chicken wings and thighs, but are they really the best parts of a chicken to eat? From head to rump, here are all the different parts of chicken, ranked by taste. Roasted, baked, or fried, chicken's versatility makes the bird a popular meat choice around the world. Don't be a chicken! Skip the drum and flats, and try something different than your ordinary cuts of chicken. 

While the breast might be the healthiest part of the chicken, white meat is less flavorful than dark meat found in the leg. If you're into chewy textures, chicken gizzards make great bar snacks. Chicken feet and chicken heart are some other underrated chicken body parts, typically served in Chinese dim sum and Japanese yakitori restaurants. So, what is the worst part of a chicken to eat? Some might say chicken testicles, but in East Asia, it is a common dish, filled with protein, potassium, and vitamin A. 

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