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The Best Chief Wiggum Quotes From 'The Simpsons'

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Over the years, The Simpsons have added dozens of memorable characters to its roster. However, from the first season, it was clear that Chief Wiggum would have some of the best quotes. The incompetent police chief started out as outright corrupt, often plotting schemes with Mayor Quimby, but as time has gone on, he's turned into more of a bumbling fool. And with his more comedic angle, he's had some truly hilarious quotes.

Which of these are the best Chief Wiggum quotes? He engaged in a bit of social satire with the line, "Ladies, please. All our founding fathers, astronauts, and World Series heroes have been either drunk or on cocaine." He also showed exactly how inept he is at his job with the line, "This is Papa Bear. Put out an APB for a male suspect, driving a... car of some sort, heading in the direction of... you know, that place that sells chili. Suspect is hatless. Repeat, hatless."

It's not hard to find funny Chief Wiggum quotes. He has one in just about every season of the show. But which one is the funniest of all time? That's up to all of you Simpsons fans out there to decide.

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