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The 15 Greatest Parent-Child Fights In Anime

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Parent-child relationships aren't always loving and conflict-free. In fact, sometimes they get so contentious that parent and child come to blows. Sometimes, this is the result of straight-up terrible parenting - for example, Gozaburo Kaiba ends up fighting his adopted son Seto because he wants to take control over his body after being trapped in a virtual world. At other times, it's not the parents' fault, or the child's - when Shinichi battles his mother in Parasyte, it's not because of any rancor between the two of them, but because her body has been taken over by a parasite. Don't worry, not all instances of parent-child fights are about taking over people's bodies - but it seems to be a theme. 

It's not common for anime parents to fight their kids, but when it does happen, it makes for one of the most dramatic, emotionally resonant fights that can occur. No matter how evil someone might be, or how much you might hate them, there's still some regret when that person is your parent or your kid. The best child vs parent anime fights will not only make you feel for the combatants but will also dazzle you with great animation and cool battle techniques. 

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    Vegeta Vs. Trunks - 'Dragon Ball Super'

    Future Trunks is preparing to defeat Black, and he comes to his father Vegeta for help. Vegeta offers to spar with him and offers a handicap: if Trunks can land a single hit on Vegeta, he wins. Trunks isn't able to do so until the two stop fighting and Vegeta begins lecturing Trunks on his poor performance and attitude. Trunks then surprises Vegeta by headbutting him and claims that he technically won the fight, since he landed a hit. He declares that he will surpass Vegeta and defeat Black, which earns him a dismissive scoff from his dad.

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    Lelouch Vs. Charles Vi Brittainia - 'Code Geass'

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    When Lelouch Lamperouge finds out that his father's true goal is to incite Ragnorak, a process that will destroy individual consciousness and unite all of humanity as one, he isn't exactly thrilled with the idea. After the entire plot is explained to him, he unleashes the gods - the combined consciousness of all humanity - on both his father and his mother, ending both of their lives. 

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    Satsuki Kiryuin & Ryuko Matoi Vs. Ragyo Kiryuin - 'Kill La Kill' 

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    Ragyo Kiryuin is a supervillain who tried to create children fused with life fibers, a super-powered alien life form that looks like clothing. She was successful, but the children she created weren't exactly down with her plan to use life fibers to take over the world. At first, viewers think that Satsuki is on Ragyo's side, but during the final showdown it's revealed that not only does she have no intention of helping her mother, she's going to team up with Ryuko - who is revealed to be her long-lost sister - to take out their mother once and for all. The ensuing battle is a spectacular clash of wills that involves vivid animation, mortal peril, and a whole lot more nudity than one might expect from a mother-daughter fight.

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    Shinichi Izumi Vs. Nobuko Izumi - 'Parasyte'

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    Shinichi Izumi and his mother Nobuko never had any intention of fighting each other. In fact, Nobuko is so adamantly against any harm coming to her son that she once endured a severe burn in order to protect him when he was younger. All of that changes when he his mother's body is taken over by a parasite that would rather eat Shinichi than protect him. The ensuing battle ends with Shinichi getting a blade through the heart, and it would have ended his life if not for his own parasite, Migi, working tirelessly to repair the wound.

    Later, Shinichi tracks down the parasite who took over his mother's body and defeats it despite having grave emotional difficulty fighting his mother. 

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