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The 15 Greatest Parent-Child Fights In Anime

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Parent-child relationships aren't always loving and conflict-free. In fact, sometimes they get so contentious that parent and child come to blows. Sometimes, this is the result of straight-up terrible parenting - for example, Gozaburo Kaiba ends up fighting his adopted son Seto because he wants to take control over his body after being trapped in a virtual world. At other times, it's not the parents' fault, or the child's - when Shinichi battles his mother in Parasyte, it's not because of any rancor between the two of them, but because her body has been taken over by a parasite. Don't worry, not all instances of parent-child fights are about taking over people's bodies - but it seems to be a theme. 

It's not common for anime parents to fight their kids, but when it does happen, it makes for one of the most dramatic, emotionally resonant fights that can occur. No matter how evil someone might be, or how much you might hate them, there's still some regret when that person is your parent or your kid. The best child vs parent anime fights will not only make you feel for the combatants but will also dazzle you with great animation and cool battle techniques. 

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    Gaara Vs. Rasa - 'Naruto'

    Gaara has actually had a number of skirmishes with his father Rasa, since the man has been sending assassins after his son since he was a child in order to protect the village against the tailed beast that was sealed inside of his body, which Gaara could not control. Their biggest showdown takes place after Rasa was resurrected and forced to fight against his son, who is now a leader in the Shinobi Allied Forces. Though the two do trade a few blows, the most important part of the fight is the emotional growth.

    Rasa apologizes for his attempts on Gaara's life, and Gaara forgives him, claiming that now that he's the Kazekage, he understands that his father, who formerly held the position, had to try and protect the village over his own child. What's more, it's revealed that Gaara's mother had never hated him, and in fact has always wanted to protect him, even after her own passing. This is movingly conveyed when Gaara creates a sand-based defense in the shape of his late mother.

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    Sanji Vinsmoke Vs. Judge Vinsmoke - 'One Piece'

    To say that Sanji and his father have a terrible relationship would be an understatement. Sanji was born a failed result of human experimentation - he was supposed to be physically superior as well as completely emotionless. Because he wasn't what his father wanted, he could never please him, and he eventually left home and ultimately joined the straw hat crew.

    It's revealed that his father still feels that he can use Sanji, and tried to arrange a marriage between him and one of Big Mom's daughters. Sanji is decidedly not into this, and the two decide to settle the issue via a physical fight. Sanji wins, and it's a good thing too - since Judge Vinsmoke is the kind of guy who is willing to stab straight through his subordinates' flesh to get to his son. 

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    Rin Okumura Vs. Satan - 'Blue Exorcist'

    Rin Okumura is the son of Satan, but he was raised to be an exorcist by a priest named Fujimoto. Satan takes over Fujimoto's body with the intention of using it to drag Rin back to Gehanna via a summoned gate. Rin fights to escape, but he's hampered by the fact that Satan is using his adoptive father's body, which Rin cares about and Satan does not. After an epic showdown that involves shooting flames at each other, taunting, and Satan breaking the fingers of the body he's possessing out of spite, it seems like Satan is about to drag Rin into Gehanna - but then Fujimoto manages to regain momentary control of his body, allowing Rin to escape but passing away in the process.

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    Erza Scarlet Vs. Irene Belserion - 'Fairy Tail'

    During the Alvarez Empire Arc, Erza's first meeting with her biological mother results in a battle of death between the two. When Irene reveals to Erza her true identity and her past, Erza is unfazed and claims that her only family is the Fairy Tail guild. This leads to an intense fight where Erza and Wendy struggle to overpower Irene's incredible strength.

    But in the final moments of battle, Irene hesitates to finish off Erza with a deadly blow. She is reminded of Erza's smile as a baby, leaving her unable to kill her own daughter. Instead, Irene takes her own life. This is an emotional, moving battle that proves Irene still cared for her daughter despite abandoning her.

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