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The 15+ Best Anime About Childcare

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It turns out there are some great anime about childcare, but which are really worth your time? This list ranks the best anime about childcare, including older titles about the trials and joy of taking care of kids, as well as new childcare anime that you may not know about.

One example of a great anime about childcare is Usagi Drop, aka Bunny Drop. Based on the josei manga by Yumi Unita, the story centers on Daikichi and his days taking care of six-year-old Rin. Another good example of childcare anime is Beelzebub, which could also fall under the heading of anime about delinquents. In it, first-year student (and juvenile delinquent) Tatsumi Oga is chosen to be caretaker of "Beel," the son of the demon king.

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