The Best Children's Shows of All Time

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Vote up your favorite shows made for kids, no matter when you enjoyed watching them.

Here you have it, folks: a list of the very best kids' shows on television, ranked from best to worst, as voted on by people who love watching these popular kids shows, whether it be young kids, their parents, or maybe even adults who just like to watch children's shows in their free time - hey, we don't judge! 

With their entertaining characters, light-hearted storylines, and often elements of education nestled in with all the fun, it's easy to see why so many people like these popular kids' TV shows. And because we know there's debate about what the MOST entertaining children's TV series of all time is, we're giving you the power to vote - so don't let your favorite childhood programs get to the bottom of this list! Be sure to vote them up so they have a chance to reach the top spot... and if you don't like any of the children's shows on this list, feel free to vote them down to move them to the bottom of the pile.

So if you've found yourself scratching your head, wondering what the best children's television shows of all time are, let this list guide your decision on what to watch with your kids. And with everything from Batibot, to Blue's Clues, and of course, PBS cartoons like Arthur, you're sure to find a kids' show that tickles your fancy.

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