The Best Children's Book Authors

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Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss... These are the authors who have stolen the imaginations of millions of kids through their novels, poetry, and stories. This is a list of the best children's book authors, ranked by both kids and former-kids. Some of the most popular children's authors also do their own illustrations for their books, like Shel Silverstein and Eric Carle, that have their work translated into multiple languages for children to enjoy the books all over the world.

The list posses the question, "who are the best children's book authors?" and includes authors from various countries, names from the books you used to read as a child and those that may be unfamiliar.

The list can be voted on for who the best children's author may be and additions can be made to the list for those favorites that may not be on the list of the initial 45.

The best childrens books authors and novelists list also includes the titles of the works that made them famous.
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