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The Best Quotes From 'Child's Play' (2019)

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What are the most memorable Child's Play quotes? You get to decide with your votes. The film is a re-imagining of the 1988 Tom Holland horror flick about a doll named Chucky that has a life of its own, as well as a thirst for blood. The twist of this new version is that Chucky is more than a doll. He's a smart device, capable of adaptive learning and connecting to other devices made by its manufacturer. Aubrey Plaza plays Karen Barclay, the single mom who buys this doll for her lonely son Andy (Gabriel Bateman). Brian Tyree Henry co-stars as Mike Norris, the Barclay's cop neighbor who gets caught in the middle when Chucky goes on a violent rampage.

The original movie spawned six sequels. Unforgettable Child's Play quotes are a hallmark of the franchise. The 2019 version is no different. Chucky spouts of lot of creepy one liners, but there are also some funny lines of dialogue from the other characters. The result is a movie that makes you laugh and scream, sometimes within the same scene. Mark Hamill provides the voice of Chucky, and through his vocal work, the doll fully comes alive.

Vote up the best Child's Play quotes from the list below, whether eerie or humorous. You can also vote on every Child's Play movie in the franchise.

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    I Was Broken

    Chucky: I was broken, Andy. I couldn't make you smile. But I'm better now. I know how to make you happy now. Maybe you don't want to be happy. Maybe you're broken, too. 

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    Chucky: This is for Tupac!

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    Let Us Play

    Chucky: If they don't let us play, they all go away.

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    Andy Sup

    Chucky: What's your name?

    Andy Barclay: Andy. 'Sup?

    Chucky: Hello, Andy Sup!

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