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The Best Chinese Candy

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Always on the lookout for new candy to try? This list includes all the best Chinese candies that will make you say, “mmmmm,” ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best Chinese candies come in many forms. Some popular Chinese candies are made of chocolate while other delicious Chinese sweets are candy drops. 

What sweet treats will you find on this best Chinese candy list? White Rabbit Creamy Candy has to be near the top as one of the best types of candy in China. This rebranded candy hit the export market in 2009 and has become a favorite for people everywhere. The candy is soft and sweet and features a cylindrical shape. Silver Girl Lychee Candy is another popular sweet treat in China. 

Of course, there is plenty more to choose from when it comes to Chinese sweets. Dragon's beard candy is a unique candy—similar to cotton candy—from China and enjoyed across Asia. Other good Chinese candies include Peen ton, Good Luck Candy, and Zangzai QQ Gummy Candy. As you can see, a lot of non-chocolate candies are popular in China.

Do you have a favorite Chinese candy? Vote the best varieties up to the top of this list and please add any tasty treats that may be missing. You can always vote for your favorite Chinese dishes too.