The Best Chinese YouTubers

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Here are the best Chinese YouTubers to watch, like, and subscribe. Featuring gaming channels, comedians, how-to DIY channels, and beauty gurus, this list of the most popular content creators from China includes all kinds of videos. If you're wondering how old these YouTube celebs are, you can find information, like age, net worth, merch info, and more, below. Who is the most famous Chinese YouTuber?

When ranking the most subscribed Chinese YouTubers, Wengie, The Fung Brothers, and Ms Yeah are definitely in the top 10. In addition to YouTubers born in and from China, this list also has YouTubers who are Chinese-American, Canadian, Australian, and more. Other good YouTube stars who have Chinese heritage include Weylie Hoang, Maqaroon, Karen Ip, bubzbeauty, and Linda Dong.

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  • Liziqi


    403 votes
  • Wengie
    383 votes
    Wen Jie Huang (born January 9, 1986) better known as Wengie, is a Chinese Australian YouTube personality, vlogger, singer, and voice actress. As of 2018, her YouTube channel had over 10 million ...more
  • Tingting ASMR
    131 votes
    Tingting ASMR (born December 1, 1991) is a YouTube star who is widely known for her ASMR channel. She has gained popularity there for her ASMR relaxation videos. She's also a Twitch streamer who goes ...more
  • VanossGaming
    84 votes
    Evan Fong (born 31 May 1992), better known through his YouTube videos as VanossGaming (or simply Vanoss) is a Canadian video game commentator and internet personality. He produces content on YouTube ...more
  • Mike Chen
    100 votes
    Mike Chen (born December 22, 1980) is a Youtuber who captains numerous popular channels including the insanely popular mystery and paranormal channel Beyond Science and the popular food channels ...more
  • Ms Yeah
    119 votes
    Ms Yeah (born March 22, 1994) is a viral sensation who earned fame with her office cooking videos where she would use office supplies to make creative dishes. Her YouTube channel earned 1.4 million ...more