The Best Flavors of Chobani Yogurt, Ranked

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Any flavor of Chobani yogurt including Champions, Crumbles, and Tubes varieties

Best Chobani flavors, ranked by users and yogurt lovers to determine the greatest Chobani flavor from the company. The Chobani yogurt flavors are from Chobani’s fruit on the bottom flavors, blended flavors, bite flavors, flip flavors, tube flavors, multi-pack, and champions flavors. Each flavor appears once, even though some may cross over from different categories of the Chobani products.

List of Chobani flavors poses the question, “What is the best flavor from Chobani?”. Each flavor of Chobani has a picture next to it to show the way the product will look on grocery store shelves. The list is of 49 flavors from Chobani including jammin’ strawberry, apple cinnamon, vanilla golden cruch, key lime crumble, and many more. Each flavor can be voted on as your favorite with the list order changing with every vote that’s cast.

Chobani is a brand of Greek-style yogurt that was founded in 2005 and launched in 2007. Currently Chobani has 1,200 employees and is the top selling yogurt in the United States and is a sponsor of the U.S. Olympic team. Hamdi Ulukaya, an immigrant from Turkey, is the founder and CEO of Chobani with a headquarters in Norwich, New York.
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