The Best Subscription Boxes for Chocolate Lovers

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You know how your heart sometimes skips a beat when you walk past an aisle full of chocolate boxes at the grocery store? Imagine enjoying the same euphoria each and every month when you arrive home to find the contents of one of these luscious chocolate subscription boxes waiting for you on your doorstep. Here you'll feast your eyes on a list of some of the best chocolate monthly crates out there, each of which promises to keep the chocolaty love coming all year round. 

These tantalizing chocolate crates offer everything from hand-made chocolate bars to  subscriptions that pair chocolates with a book to enjoy while you eat it. Whether you're into dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or chocolate bundles featuring both, you're sure to find a something you love. 

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  • Enjoy a taste of Germany delivered straight to your door with this decadent box of sweets. Consisting of Lindt, Toffifee, Milka, and Risen chocolates, it’s one of the few authentically German chocolate boxes available.

    • 2kg box: $43.50/month
    • 5kg box: $129.99/month
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  • Enjoy premium, handmade chocolates from some of the world’s most renowned chocolatiers with this gourmet subscription box. Using only the purest and most premium ingredients (including cardamom, black tea, caramelized ginger, and more), these chocolates are all made in small batches to help ensure the perfect quality.

    • $40.95/ every 3 months
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  • Whether you're a fan of milk chocolate, gourmet truffles, or dark chocolate, the chocolate of the month club has a subscription plan for you. Each month you'll receive a box of artisan, gourmet, and award-winning chocolates from world class chocolateers. 

    • Month to Month- $24.99
    • 3 Month prepay- $69.99
    • 6 Month prepay- $129.99
    • 1 Year prepay- $254.99
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  • A great choice for dark chocolate lovers, this subscription box includes some of the finest, darkest chocolate bars from around the world. With three to five different chocolate bars featured each month, you’re always in for a tasty surprise.

    • $29.99/ month
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