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The Best Chris Farley Characters of All Time

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Chris Farley was responsible for bringing to life some of the funniest film and television characters of all time. The best Chris Farley characters were always loud, often crude, and inarguably hilarious.  

Farley appeared on Saturday Night Live from 1990 - 1995. During his time as a sketch performer, he appeared in numerous funny roles, such as Matt Foley, the motivation speaker who lives in a van down by the river, Bennett Brauer, the gross-out Weekend Update correspondent, and Norman Schwarzkopf, a U.S. Army General.  

In addition to his stint on SNL, Farley is best known for appearing in several comedic films, such as Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, Wayne's World, and Beverly Hills Ninja. The ability to play any kind of role is what makes an actor or actress great, and the diversity of Farley's characters listed below is a testament to that.

If you're asking yourself, "Who is the best Chris Farley character?" or "What are the top Chris Farley roles of all time?" then this is the list for you! 

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