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The Very Best Christian Magazines, Ranked

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If religion is important to your life, investing a monthly subscription in a Christian magazine can be a great way to make you feel closer to God. Christian readers often feel the need for writing and content that reflects Christian beliefs and provides a more nuanced understanding of how to follow the teachings of Christ. Good Christian magazines provide such guidance, teaching people about the Bible, church, and personal faith. Below, you'll find a ranked list of Christian magazines to help you make an informed decision when picking publications! 

There are many popular Christian magazines that cater to a specific faith. National Catholic Register, for example, is the oldest Catholic magazine in the country and Evangelical Christians may enjoy Christianity Today. There are also Biblical magazines that help you figure out how to direct your faith towards political and social action, such as Sojourners. Whatever you're looking for in a religious magazine, there are plenty of options below to choose from!

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