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Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the Christian movies of 2018. While you may think Christian movies carry overt religious themes - and even try to convert the nonbelievers - many Christian films have subtle messages about religion and faith. In fact, some of the best Christian movies of 2018 may be films you did not even realize were made with religious intent. Whether you're an ardent believer or just a simple cinephile, you'll find all the 2018 Christian films below. 

What are the best Christian movies this year? Christian movies may tell stories from the Bible, striving for as much accuracy as possible in portraying such tales. They may also simply incorporate themes surrounding the teachings of Christ - like faith, forgiveness, love, and redemption - by telling a modern allegorical story. Good 2018 Christian movies include Mary Magdalene, I Can Only Imagine, and Samson.

What are the best Christian films of 2018? Browse this list of 2018 Christian movies and vote up your favorites. 

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I Can Only Imagine J. Michael Finley, Cloris Leachman, Dennis Quaid I Can Only Imagine is a 2018 American drama film directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin, based on the story behind the Christian song by MercyMe. Bart Millard (J. Michael Finley) finds inspiration for ...more

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Paul, Apostle Of Christ James Faulkner, Jim Caviezel, Olivier Martinez Paul, Apostle of Christ is a 2018 biblical drama film directed by Andrew Hyatt. The story of Paul (James Faulkner), who started out as the most infamous persecutor of Christians to becoming ...more

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God's Not Dead: A Light In Darkness David A. R. White, John Corbett, Shane Harper God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness is a 2018 Christian drama film directed by Michael Mason, and the third installment in the series. Pastor Dave (David A.R. White) responds to the unimaginable ...more

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Samson Taylor James, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Zane Samson is a 2018 American biblical drama film directed by Bruce Macdonald, inspired by the Biblical story. When his youthful ambition leads to a tragic marriage, Samson (Taylor James) embarks on ...more

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Mary Magdalene Rooney Mara, Joaquin Phoenix, Chiwetel Ejiofor Mary Magdalene is a 2018 biblical drama film directed by Garth Davis. Constricted by the hierarchies of the day, Mary (Rooney Mara), a young woman in search of a new way of living, defies her ...more