The Best Christian Music Duos Of All Time

Here are the greatest duos in Christian music. For millions of Americans, there is nothing like celebrating their faith in the Lord by putting on some Christian music and taking in the words of God. Over the years, plenty of artists have written songs expressing their love and gratitude to Jesus Christ. Some songs praise while others lament, but above all else, they bring comfort to people wanting to listen to good music with good themes. This list will go over the best Christian duos to ever play. Pride may be a sin, but you can take solace in seeing some of your favorite acts appear on this list.

Mary Mary has been one of the most popular Christian acts on the scene for well over a decade now. Their songs can be heard in numerous houses of worship across the United States with hit songs like "God in Me" and "Shackles (Praise You)." Another Christian band whose name has some repetition is Shane & Shane. This Texas-based act is an acoustic duo who first burst onto the music scene in 2001 and went on to create many heart-tugging ballads. Other popular Christian music duos include For King & Country, City Harbor, and Chris & Jenna.

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Photo: Shane and Shane / YouTube