The Best Christian NFL Players Right Now

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Who are the best Christian NFL players right now? Faith is an important aspect of life for many people across the globe. Christian football players are no exception. You may see many of these Christian NFL players thanking God after scoring touchdowns or making big plays. They often wear gold and silver Jesus pieces or diamond studded crosses as well, to show their respect and pay homage to their faith in Jesus Christ. Many NFL players believe their talent and athleticism is God-given. So who is the best Christian NFL player right now? Which religious NFL players do you love to watch every Sunday?

When it comes to the current best Christian football players, many quarterbacks top the list, such as Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, and Russell Wilson. Other great Christian players in the NFL like Jalen Ramsey, and Trey Hendrickson faced off in Super Bowl Super Bowl LVI. Lest we forget the skill positions among the best Christian NFL players, such as Christian McCaffrey, Cooper Kupp, and DK Metcalf.

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