The Best Christian Songs Of 2018

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Here are the best Christian songs of 2018, including new music videos and artist names. Christian music sometimes tops regular music charts in addition to the Christian charts. Christian bands, like Skillet and Hillsong, and other Christian artists, like TobyMac and Lecrae, even appeal to non-Christian audiences, so you don't need to be religious to enjoy Christian music. Which 2018 Christian songs are your favorites? 

Featuring Christian rock, Christian rap, and gospel music, the best Christian songs leave listeners inspired by their faith. What new Christian music made you think? This list of popular Christian songs chronicles some of the newest Christian songs released in 2018. 

Cast your vote for the best Christian songs of the year below. Are there any recent Christian songs you feel are missing? Feel free to add them to the list. 

Most divisive: On My Knees
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