The Best Christian TV Networks

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There are many Christian television networks and evangelical channels all around the world. Focusing on religious programming and Christian TV shows, these television networks focus on bringing faith into their viewer's homes. Some of the best Christian TV networks have been renamed or closed, but their ministry lives on in syndication on other channels. This list of Christian TV networks and television channels includes faith-based and evangelical networks includes both English language and Spanish language  Christian television networks, and even lists faith-based networks from other countries such as Cyprus and the Netherlands.

Offering programming including Christian children's shows, news programs, and even dramas and religious movies, Christian television networks are much more than recordings of sermons or reruns of VeggieTales. Many modern Christian television channels are also available online, and offer Christian streaming shows on demand. Religious channels such as Daystar Television Canada and the Christian Television Network have full catalogs of live and in-demand shows to watch online - including favorite religious shows such as Enjoying Everyday Life, The 700 Club, and It Is Written.

This list of the Christian television networks includes channels that are long gone and others which are still going today. Which Christian television networks have and have had the best programming?

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  • Faith Unveiled Network

    Faith Unveiled Network

  • Parables TV

    Parables TV

    Headquarters: United States

    Popular series:

    • Left Behind
    • The Finger of God
    • The Resurection
  • Voice of Prophecy

    Voice of Prophecy

    Headquarters: Loveland, Colorado, United States

    Popular series:

    • The Seventh Man
    • The Underground City and Other Wonders
    • That Blessed Hope
  • SonLife Broadcasting Network

    SonLife Broadcasting Network

    Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

    Popular series:

    • The Message of the Cross
    • Frances & Friends
    • A Study In The Word
  • Amazing Facts

    Amazing Facts

    Headquarters: Roseville, California, United States

    Popular series:

    • Sababath School Study Hour
    • Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor
    • Bible Answers Live
  • Daystar Television Canada

    Daystar Television Canada

    Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Popular series:

    • Adventures in Odyssey
    • Cowboy Dan’s Frontier
    • Dr. Wonder’s Workshop
  • Headquarters: Largo, Florida, United States

    Popular series:

    • Good Life: Bob and Jane Deandrea
    • Homekeepers
    • Christian Fitness
  • SAT-7


    Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand

    Popular series:

    • Serving the Whole Person
    • Run By Local
    • Filled With Hope
  • Smile


    Headquarters: Garland, Texas

    Popular series:

    • Colby's Clubhouse
    • VeggieTales
    • Miss BGl
  • Loma Linda Broadcasting Network

    Loma Linda Broadcasting Network

    Headquarters: Loma Linda, California, United States

    Popular series:

    • Kids Hero Classics
    • More About Jesus
    • Pursued
  • Up


    Headquarters: College Park, Georgia, United States

    Popular series:

    • Webb Family
    • Phillip Goldstein
    • Showdown at Golden Saddle
  • Gospel Broadcasting Network

    Gospel Broadcasting Network

    Headquarters: Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Popular series:

    • Does it Matter?
    • Howie and Honey
    • Introduction to Genesis
  • Televisione Cristiana in Italia

    Televisione Cristiana in Italia

    Headquartrs: Marnate, Varese, Lombardy

    Popular series:

    • Benny Hinn
    • The touch of the Potter
    • Max Lucado
  • Middle East Television

    Middle East Television

    Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus

    Popular series:

  • PTL Satellite Network

    PTL Satellite Network

    Formerly: PTL Television Network

    Headquarters: Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States

    Popular series:

    • Alaska Missionaries
    • Jim Bakker Show
    • Deep Calls to Deep
  • Hope Channel Europe

    Hope Channel Europe

    Headquarters: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States


  • Daystar

    Headquarters: Bedford, Texas

  • Emmanuel TV

    Emmanuel TV

    Headquarters: Lagos, Nigeria

    Popular series:

    • The SCOAN Live Services
    • Standard For Life
    • God Is Still Saying Something
  • Bibel TV

    Bibel TV

    Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany

    Popular series:

    • Jesus, My Messias
    • Living in his destiny
    • Why worry, stress and anxiety?
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network

    Trinity Broadcasting Network

    Headquarters: Tustin, California, United States

    Popular series:

    • Remember the Music
    • Why Israel Matters
    • Steven Furtick
  • Enlace


    Headquarters: San José, Costa Rica

    Popular series:

    • For You Woman - Husbands and Friends forever
    • Lakewood Church - Message for a weary traveler
    • He Can Do It Again - Churches of Fire
  • It Is Written

    It Is Written

    Headquarters: Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

    Popular series:

    • Black Wall Street
    • Great Chapters of the Bible
    • My Hometown: True Confessions
  • Headquarters: Various, United States

    Popular series:

    • Down Home
    • Rejoice
    • Musical Guests
  • NRB Network

    NRB Network

    Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

    Popular series:

    • All Aboard the Jesus Train
    • Life and the Universe
    • The Young Explorers
  • Vertical TV

    Vertical TV

    Headquarters: Brampton, Ontario