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The best Christian kids shows pair faith-based lessons with fun characters and stories. The best Christian kids series ever shown on television use positive messages and give kids the tools to reinforce their faith in daily life. If you’ve been looking for the best Christian kids TV shows to add some faith and fun to your TV nights, this list of the best kids Christian television will help find the right balance of fun to watch and faith-based.

Many Christian kids TV series are also retellings of favorite kids Bible stories - from the traditional animated versions of Animated Stories from the Bible to versions that take a different perspective on the stories, such as The Story Keepers. Other Christian television series for kids weave faith-based elements like love and respect into each episode of a non-biblical themed show, such as Davey and Goliath, VeggieTales, or Little Dogs On The Prairie.

Which shows offer good values and entertainment the best? Vote up the best Christian kids shows and add any faith-based kids TV series that are missing.

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  • VeggieTales
    December 21, 1993
    463 votes
    • Actors: Mike Nawrocki, Phil Vischer, Lisa Vischer
    VeggieTales is an American, Christian series of children's computer animated television shows, DVDs, videos, feature films, web shows, books, and albums. Talking fruit and vegetable actors perform in ...more
  • The Story Keepers

    The Story Keepers

    282 votes
    Storykeepers is an animated Christian video series produced by Zondervan from 1995 to 1997 in America and Ireland. It tells the story of a Christian leader and his family's adventures living in ...more
  • Animated Stories from the Bible is a video series produced by Nest Family Entertainment and Rich Animation Studios. The series is non-sectarian and features twelve beloved stories from the Hebrew ...more
  • 3-2-1 Penguins!
    November 14, 2000
    259 votes
    • Actors: Quinn Lord, Michael Dobson, Claire Corlett
    3-2-1 Penguins! is a scifi series of Christian computer-animated cartoons launched on November 14, 2000. It was first released on video until 2003, when it was broadcast on television. The ...more
  • Larryboy


    235 votes
    • Actors: Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Lee Marshall
    Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures (Qubo, 2002), also known as Larryboy, is an American animated children's Christian comedy television series and a spin-off of VeggieTales. The video series revolves ...more
  • Hermie and Friends

    Hermie and Friends

    234 votes
    • Actors: Tim Conway
    Hermie and Friends is a Christian video series for children. The show is 3-D animated and stars two caterpillars named Hermie and Wormie. The show started with a 40-minute Max Lucado video special ...more