20 Memorable Christmas Dinner Scenes

Sitting down for a big yuletide meal is an annual ritual for millions of families. The best Christmas dinner scenes in movies capture -- and, if we're being honest, sometimes exaggerate -- that experience. Many Christmas-themed films use such sequences because they offer a lot of important possibilites. For starters, showing the characters sitting down to eat together is realistic. There is also an opportunity to pull various elements together in a meaningful way. Everyone can talk, fight, or make up. Aspects of their personalities can be revealed. If the writing is good, these moments become highlights of the films. 

The most famous Christmas dinner scenes in movies include the Griswold clan dealing with dry turkey and the doddering Aunt Bethany mistaking the Pledge of Allegiance for grace in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. And who could forget the Parker family eating at the only open establishment, a Chinese restaurant, in A Christmas Story? Those are funny Christmas dinner scenes. Others are more dramatic, like the one in Same Kind of Different as Me, in which tensions between a family rise to the surface. Believe it or not, there are even a couple of great horror examples.

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