The Best Christmas Horror Movies That Will Sleigh You

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Vote up your favorite horror movies that take place on or near Christmas.

The best Christmas Horror movies capture the spirit of the holidays and then scare it right out of you. If you are looking for a fright around the holidays, look no further than the scary Christmas movies below. Be sure to check out every rendition of Black Christmas which was first made in 1974 with several remakes to follow. Krampus is another great Christmas horror movie that brings a lesser-known Austro-Bavarian folk tale to life only to terrorize a family looking to celebrate Christmas in peace. From Santa to Krampus, this list has the frightening films you are looking for when it comes to Xmas horror movies.

But which one of these Christmas horror movies is the best? You get to help decide with your votes! Vote up your favorite scary holiday movies and vote down any that didn't have you hiding under the tree.

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