The Best Christmas Movies for Kids

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Christmas is a time for peace and tranquility, a time for families to come together by the tranquil light of the fire and to reflect on the year gone by over a glass of eggnog.

Unless you've got kids. If you've got kids, Christmas is a delirious marathon, a process that you survive as much as enjoy. Between toy shopping, Christmas parties and winter break, there are times that a parent wants nothing more than to sit their kid in front of a movie for an hour or two, just so they can get a moment to themselves.

Lucky for you, we've got this list of the best Christmas films for children. This list is made up of good, appropriate Christmas movies for young kids because you really don't want to be the parent who accidentally let their kid watch Bad Santa this year. So if you've ever asked yourself "what Christmas films can little kids watch," look to the list below for the answer then vote for your favorites and don't forget to add any movies that we're missing here! Then put on a movie and get an hour to yourself in the midst of Christmas craziness.

Just kidding, don't you have wrapping to do?

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