The Best Christmas Movies On Netflix

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One of the best parts of Christmas and the holidays is cozying up in front of the television with family and friends, watching a classic Christmas movie. Even better is when you don't have to track down a DVD, but can instead just stream your favorite holiday films on Netflix! This list of best Christmas movies on Netflix lays out your options. What are the best Christmas-themed movies Netflix has available?

OK, we'll be honest: whether it's the holiday season or not, Christmas movies are enjoyed all year long for the nostalgia and warm feelings that come with remembering the holidays. You can watch them in July! It's fine! Thanks to Netflix, now we can enjoy Christmas movies whenever we want and watch many of the classics instantly. What are the best Netflix Christmas movies you can catch right now? 

Netflix offers a large selection of movies to stream instantly. From modern hits to the classics and even original Netflix movies, the list of Christmas-themed movies does not run short on Netflix. Since the selection on Netflix often changes, new movies are released frequently. During the holidays, relevant movies are often added to the list, and this one is always being updated. So if you're heading home for the holidays, be sure to check out Netflix if you're looking for a good Christmas movie to watch. Netflix can even recommend movies you may not have seen before.

Looking for a list of good Christmas movies on Netflix? Look no further, we've compiled a list of new and old Christmas movies to delight any viewer, any time, thanks to the magic of instant streaming.

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