A Gaggle of Christopher Walken Impressions, Ranked Best to Worst

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Everyone does a Christopher Walken impression. Whether you’re a famous hunk or some rando on the Internet, you’re waiting for a chance to pull out your Walken. Some of the best celebrity impressions of Christopher Walken come from people who you wouldn’t expect to be good at the art of mimicry. No one thinks a suave dude like Bradley Cooper is practicing his Walken in the mirror, but after you see his impression, you might wonder what he gets up to when he's alone. Check out these Christopher Walken impressions and try not to talk like everyone’s favorite character actor for the rest of the day.

When you think about Christopher Walken impressions, your mind automatically goes to certain comedians, but it turns out the people who do Christopher Walken impressions are all over the map. And some of the most funny Christopher Walken impressions come from regular weirdos who feel the need to bless the world with their special gifts. Despite the various techniques applied to each impressions, the one thing they have in common is, they’re really funny. Keep reading to revel in myriad ways to impersonate the great Christopher Walken. then vote on your favorite Christopher Walken impression videos. Afterwards, leave us a comment about how you can flawlessly mimic Christopher Walken’s speech from Annie Hall.