Incredible Performances To Remind You That Christopher Walken Is More Than A Guy Who Talks Funny

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In this day and age, Christopher Walken has become a meme of a man, a caricature of his admittedly unusual public image, primarily fueled by his SNL appearances ("More Cowbell," "The Continental," etc.). As such, it can sometimes be easy to overlook Walken's best roles - those standout performances that have established him as one of the foremost actors of his generation.

Let's not forget Walken is an Academy Award winner and two-time nominee. He's also a two-time Tony nominee and an Emmy nominee. Walken paid his show business dues the old-fashioned way: He worked hard and made a name for himself. He's had an extensive stage career, he's been everything from an extra to a lead on TV, and he's been a matinee idol, a character actor, and even a song-and-dance man in the movies. Not bad for a kid from Queens.

Let's look beyond SNL and rediscover the magic of one of Hollywood's genuinely original actors with a list of underrated Christopher Walken performances.