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Every Fight From The Chunin Exams In Naruto, Ranked Best to Worst

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The Chunin Exam arc is remembered as being one of the best arcs in Naruto, and even in anime as a whole. From political intrigue and personal growth to absolutely badass fights, it's deserving of that title. Right now, we're going to focus on fights. We're listing all the fights in the Chunin exams, and ranking them all from best to worst. 

This list includes all the fights from the actual tournament, as well as a few that take place during the Forest of Death. It won't be focusing on any of the fights that take place during the invasion that interrupts the final round, and it'll also be skipping a few unofficial fights. 

Which are the best fights in the Chunin exams? That's up to you! Vote up your favorites and let the world know where each fight stands. 

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    Gaara vs. Rock Lee

    Despite dropping his heavy leg weights to increase his speed, and using not just Front Lotus but even his strongest current move, Reverse Lotus, Rock Lee isn't able to defeat Gaara. While he does manage to do some serious damage to Armour of Sand and actually get Gaara excited about the prospect of battling him, ultimately it's just not enough - Gaara is stronger. 

    Seeing that his protege is going to lose his life if the fight continues, Guy stops the fight. Gaara is declared the winner, and he's also given a lot to think about. He doesn't understand why Guy cares so much about what happens to Lee, and that unnerves him. 

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    Naruto Uzumaki vs. Neji Hyuuga

    At first, it seems like Neji has the upper hand. Naruto is able to land a few hits because Neji's Byakugan can't tell the difference between Naruto and his Shadow Clones, but then Neji seals Naruto's chakra and renders him unable to fight. That is, until the incredible force of the Nine Tails' chakra takes over. Neji is able to use Revolving Heaven to deflect Naruto's attacks and strike back, but ultimately he ends up defeated. That's because he's actually busy fighting Naruto's clone while the real Naruto is preparing to attack from underground. Naruto knocks Neji out while Neji is bragging about his apparent victory.

    Neji and Naruto's battle is an emotional one for Neji. Through being overwhelmed by someone who he thought he was superior to, he watches someone overcome what he thought was their fate. After the match, he also learns that his father chose to sacrifice his life for his brother, and was not forced to. He realizes that like Naruto and like his dad, Neji can also choose his own fate. 

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    Temari vs. Shikamaru Nara

    This battle between future spouses is a frustrating one. Shikamaru doesn't want to fight, but ends up doing it before he doesn't want to lose to a girl. He heads over to a corner and uses his shadow technique to try and force her towards a hole in the ground. Temari tries to hit him with her fan, but doesn't manage to do so. 

    Even though he could have won, Shikamaru forfeits the match because he's used too much chakra to fight in future matches without injuring himself.

    Even though he technically loses, the examiners take note of his prudent thinking, and ultimately end up promoting him to chuunin anyway. Meanwhile, Naruto has some choice words for Shikamaru about his apparent lack of initiative. 

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    Gaara vs. Sasuke Uchiha

    Gaara is excited about his fight with Sasuke, because he thinks that Sasuke is the only person who can give him the challenge he craves. But Sasuke gives him more of a challenge than he can handle. While Gaara's sand clones and his sand barrier might have been enough to keep most people at bay, Sasuke's taijutsu moves - which he copies from Rock Lee and made his own - are so fast that he's able to get past them. He's even able to launch a Chidori attack directly into Gaara's sand cocoon. This happens while Gaara is trying to transform into Shukaku, but that doesn't end up happening. 

    The fight ends because Sasuke manages to injure Gaara by penetrating his sand. Gaara is so shocked and horrified by the site of his own blood that he can no longer continue the fight, or with Suna's invasion plans. 

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